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A hot water system is a must in every Australian home and most Australian businesses, and at Sydney Electrician Australia our plumbing experts are here to help with installation, servicing, and maintenance of hot water systems Sydney-wide.

Whether it’s for your bathroom, spa, sink, or elsewhere, we have a hot water solution to keep you from living in the stone age.

Different hot water systems

There are several different hot water systems depending on your specification and needs.


  • Gas – A gas hot water system is less costly than electric systems, using gas to heat the water until required for use.
  • Electric – Just as it sounds, an electric hot water system uses electricity to heat the water in your home or business.
  • Solar – A solar hot water system consists of roof mounted solar panels and a storage tank that holds the water that’s to be heated. While the solar panels absorb the rays of the sun, the energy is transferred to the tank where the water is heated.
  • Heat pump – Using a technology not too different from that used to keep your fridge cold, heat pumps draw energy from the air outside, extracting the heat and using it to keep your water hot.
  • Tankless – Also known as instantaneous hot water systems, tankless systems only heat water while it’s being used. This is opposed to the traditional tank systems which store a certain amount of hot water at a time, regardless of whether it’s in use or not.


Hot water plumbing services

We know problems can arise even after a hot water system has been installed. That’s why we have expert plumbers ready to service, maintain, and replace your current hot water system should an issue ever arise. Even better, calling in a plumber before an issue arise can help problems from even occurring.

Call in our friendly plumbers to help with:

  • Low maintenance and keeping your hot water system effective,
  • Early detection of a problem area that may cause damage to your system,
  • Regular servicing of the hot water repair system,
  • Preventing rust, splitting, or damaging of your household appliances, and
  • Keeping the water from intruding into neighbourhood and parking areas by preventing seepage from the concrete blocks and lower walls of the floor area.