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At Sydney Electrician Australia we can provide your home or business with data and communications cabling services. Whether you need to fit-out a new office with ethernet cabling, move a server rack, install a few more data lines – or a whole new data cabinet – we’re the friendly sparkies here to help you get the job done. From structured cabling systems to ethernet cabling and copper wiring or optical fibre systems, our team of electricians is experienced and ready to help you get the job done properly.

Structured cabling systems

Structured cabling systems provide high-speed, highly flexible solutions for offices and other busy workplaces where users and services are often changing. Structured cabling can carry many different data and communications, but the most common services are ethernet and telephone.

Our friendly professionals at Sydney Electrician Australia will install state of the art structured cabling systems on your property and ensure they meet all stringent technical requirements, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ethernet cabling

With the roll-out of the NBN (new broadband network), lots of commercial properties and homes will require the installation of ethernet cabling so that they can fully take advantage of the high speed broadband.

The sparkies at Sydney Electrician Services will make sure your home or office space is prepped and upgraded to make the most of the new broadband network so you can carry on working with speed and ease.

Copper wiring and optical fibre systems

Our licensed and experienced cablers are here to help install and modify both copper wiring and optical fibre systems so that your home or office can carry on working with the best cabling possible.

Get started now

Our team of friendly, experienced electricians is here and ready to service the whole of Sydney, so contact us now to have your property’s cabling upgraded to the best possible standard.