The switchboard panel box in your home holds your fuses or circuit breakers, and it’s responsible for distributing electricity around your home. If you’re having trouble with intermittent power and lighting or unusual sounds and smells coming from the switchboard panel, it’s important to have a professional electrician carry out an inspection to prevent further damage.

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Switchboard upgrades

There are three main reasons why you might want to upgrade your home’s old switchboard panel to the latest technology.


  • Safety – Older switchboard panels were designed in the ages before computers, split system air conditioners, and large screen TVs, and older panels may have also degraded with age. That means they’re more prone to being overloaded, causing both a fire and electrocution hazard. Upgrading to a modern switchboard will ensure your home is protected from overloading and fire hazards, while also adding more safety protection than older panels.
  • Adding capacity – If you’ve just renovated your home or purchased a new high capacity electrical appliance (like an air conditioner unit or new oven), it’s particularly important to upgrade the power capacity of your circuit (including from single to three phase), or the capacity of the entire distribution panel, to make sure your increased power needs are always met.
  • Avoid poor performance issues – Going off from the last point, older switchboard panels may not always provide a stable service in a modern home. More appliances and gadgets mean more power is needed, and upgrading your switchboard will ensure your electrical capacity needs are always met when you need them.



It’s not just older switchboards that can cause a problem. Old or faulty wiring can bring on a range of fire risks, electrocution issues, and problems with the quality of service in your home or business. Wiring in older properties wasn’t designed for modern power needs, and it doesn’t always meet today’s stringent safety and quality standards. Keep your home or business protected by having Sydney Electrician Australia upgrade your property’s wiring to modern standards.

We’re also here to help upgrade properties with older ceramic fuses to modern circuit breakers. Not only are circuit breakers easier and safer to work with, but they also mean greater reliability and safety.

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