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Save on energy bills year after year with energy efficient LED down lights. Not only will you be doing yourself a favour, but you’ll also be helping the environment with a greener lighting solution in your property.

At Sydney Electrician Australia we’ll make sure you’re set up with the safest and most efficient lighting possible. The right system, when installed correctly by a professional, will give you years of trouble-free, great lighting while also cutting down on your costs.

Why choose LED lights?


  • Less energy use – LED lights use almost 80% less energy than halogen lights, meaning you’re not only saving money on bills but also being more friendly to the environment. Saving energy preserves air quality by reducing the release of toxic gas from main power plants,
  • Lifespan – The standard lifespan of LED lights is 50,000 hours when compared to standard halogen lights that last around 1,000 hours. That’s less time spent changing the bulb and more time spent enjoying great lighting,
  • Little maintenance – Unlike fluorescent light fixtures, LED lights don’t require any maintenance like replacing ballasts or transformers, so once they’re installed you can sit back and relax for the next 50,000 hours, knowing your lighting needs are met,
  • Various lighting options – LED lights have the potential to be fine tuned to a particular colour temperature, meaning you can have LED lighting in all kinds of colours and shapes to suit your interior.


Save money on energy bills and maintenance

If you’re ready for a lighting solution that offers a longer lifespan, less energy consumption, and lower electrical bills, contact Sydney Electrician Australia to have us safely install LED lights in your home or business. Safety is paramount when it comes to light installation, and we’ll do the best job possible to ensure you have a lighting solution you’re proud of.