How Safe is Your House?

Most of the people live in their homes and do not even think about their electrical health check. The most common cause of fire is due to faulty electrical wiring. There are some noticeable signs that emerge to warn us about troubles in the electrical wiring in our homes. If you detect any of these warning symptoms, do not ignore these issue as they could cost you your home and possibly your life.

Electrical health check list:

Do you get ‘tingles’ from taps (minor electric shock)?
If you obtain a ‘tingle’ from touching the metal fittings or taps in your house, there is an issue that immediately requires revision. Report it instantaneously to Sydney Electrician on 1800 886 887.

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5 Crucial Electrical Safety Tips to Protect Your Home

Revolving a house into a home absorbs a variety of singular factors. Aside from a warm ambience, customised furnishings and creating memories with loved ones; having a good judgment of safety is a significant component of creating that homely feeling.
A sense of safety converts a house into more than just a building and can offer you protection and a place to find comfort. One way of attaining this safety is by preserving electrical security all the way through your home.
Establishing suitable electrical safety measures in your home should never be unnoticed. Even simple carelessness can cost more than just property damage; it could also cause danger to the lives of people.

To help you keep your family protected, here are five critical tips to memorise:

1. Say NO to DIY (Doing It Yourself) Electrical Jobs
Unless you are a qualified electrician or a licensed specialist, attempting a DIY electrical job on your own must be avoided. Also, it is against the law to carry out electrical work if you are an unqualified technician.
Innumerable industrial accidents take place annually as a result of underprivileged workmanship and, even though accidents may not constantly happen straight away after the job is completed, the cost of careless electrical work can rear its ugly head in the long run. You could save money by skipping out on an electrician, but is this worth taking a risk?
At Sydney Electrician, we set importance on our client’s protection. For projects, we offer a highly-qualified neighbourhood electrician who can evaluate and perform regular electrical jobs, such as the setting up smoke alarms or CCTV cameras, to more complex tasks like rewiring light circuits.

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Save Your Money with Energy-Efficient Lights

In recent times the use of energy for household lighting in Australia has increased hastily due to the manufacture of larger houses and the installation of more light fittings per house. Lighting currently accounts for 6% of household use of energy.

The majority of households could decrease the amount of energy used for lighting by more than 50% by making clever lighting choices and moving forward to more efficient technologies.

In Australia traditional but non- efficient types of lighting (incandescent) are being phased out. Nowadays, there are other more efficient types of lighting equipment available, including compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), light emitting diodes (LEDs) and fluorescent lights. CFLs and good quality LEDs are the most energy efficient lighting choices of these options.

Good quality LEDs can supply excellent lighting in a variety of household circumstances. LED lighting technology is rapidly developing and nowadays is already providing useful alternatives to some traditional lighting technologies.

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Sydney Electrician Australia – Proud Sponsors of Marino Musumeci

We are proud sponsors of Marino Musumeci of the Sydney Scorpions Futsal club. On behalf of Sydney Electrician Australia team we wish him all the best in the upcoming games.

Musumeci a former NSW Mens Thunder player has been instrumental in the continued success of his Premier League Club Inner West Magic, having been involved in all 3 of the clubs Grand final appearances. The 2012/13 season was Musumeci’s best having scored 15 goals and laying on countless others. Quick and skilful Musumeci played for the East Coast Heat in last seasons Hummel F-League and will be counted upon to continue to deliver the goods on a regular basis. On the cusp of National team train on squad selection in the past, Musumeci is relying on another excellent tournament performance to force the selectors hand.

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