Most of the people live in their homes and do not even think about their electrical health check. The most common cause of fire is due to faulty electrical wiring. There are some noticeable signs that emerge to warn us about troubles in the electrical wiring in our homes. If you detect any of these warning symptoms, do not ignore these issue as they could cost you your home and possibly your life.

Electrical health check list:

Do you get ‘tingles’ from taps (minor electric shock)?
If you obtain a ‘tingle’ from touching the metal fittings or taps in your house, there is an issue that immediately requires revision. Report it instantaneously to Sydney Electrician on 1800 886 887.

Do you have discoloured, cracked or melted fittings?
Damage to light fittings or power points can be a sign of overheating of the household wiring system. Do not take any risk and call us to solve this for you.
Do your electrical devices seem less proficient?
If your toaster, kettle, oven or other electrical devices appear to take longer to work than before, it might be a signal of a problem. This issue has to be investigated by a licensed electrical contractor as soon as possible. Call Sydney Electrician.

Does the brightness of your lights vary?
If your light brightnesses are inconsistent this could indicate trouble. These should not be affected by short ‘dips’ related to the start-up of motors such as refrigerators or washing machines.

Have you checked your earth wire?
You must have your earth checked by an electrical contractor if you are unsure of its condition (especially in older houses). Especially if you have had some work done that may have affected your earth, especially plumbing, or you become aware of a broken or damaged bare copper wire or green insulated wire around your house.

Do you get shocks from power tools and home appliances?
You should never ignore a tingle or a shock from an electrical equipment or power tool. You should disconnect the appliance and report the issue immediately to Sydney Electrician on 1800 886 887.

Do your circuit breakers or fuses blow persistently?
If you are frequently replacing the same circuit breaker or fuse, there might be a serious issue in your wiring integrity. Have it inspected immediately by your accredited electrical contractor, Sydney Electrician.

Is there ‘sparking’ or disproportionate noise at power points or light switches?
Whilst it is normal for power points or switches to discharge a tiny flash when you turn them off, beware of shrill noises or sparking and call us to inspect them as soon as possible.

Do not delay in protecting your home. Call us now and let us help you make your family home safe.